Unique Side Hustle Ideas for Millennials

unique side hustle ideas

Looking to make some extra cash so you can afford that trip/bachelorette party/night out? Here’s some unique ideas that may take a little extra work in the beginning, but will certainly have a good return on investment.

Eyelash Extensions: I personally did this and I can vouch for it! I took a course that was $700. Not a bad investment. I practiced on my friends charging them a small amount until I felt comfortable enough to provide services to the community. I made a Facebook page for my services and charge around $100 for a full set!! This return on investment just makes sense.

Teaching Zumba: You can also take this course which is 1 day (for the basic course) for somewhere around $200. You can then charge around $10-15 a person per class. Once you build your regulars, you will have a continuous income, I can guarantee it! You can also take more advanced courses to offer more classes to customers!

Photography: If you’re interested, take a course to learn a bit more about it! You can then start with close friends and family to take their photos to promote yourself!

Lifeguarding: Again this requires courses that may be a bit of an initial investment depending on your swimming abilities. But most times, this is a flexible job that you can pick up hours and usually has a decent hourly wage!! If you also have a pool or lake near you, you can offer private swimming lessons with the profits all for yourself.

Technology Education for Seniors: There are SO many more baby boomers than millennials, shouldn’t we take advantage of that? Most of them have a hard time with technology, why not plan out a course for them, teaching the basics on how to use technology, such as iphones, ipads, and laptops including things like social media, email, and Google.

Health and Safety Training: Becoming a trainer to teach courses like WHMIS, Workplace Safety etc. You can take a course to become certified and then go into workplaces to teach these courses for legal compliance of businesses. Depending where you are, look up legal compliance employee training for businesses and I guarantee there’s someone looking for a trainer for their company!

Do you have any other unique ideas you would suggest for making some extra income? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Love all these ideas! I’m all about the side hustle and earning extra income, especially for us millennials 🙂 Another extra income source for me is through my Etsy store, SophisticatedResumes, where I sell digital resume templates. I love Etsy and think it’s a great place to earn some extra income & make money on a hobby you love!

    I’ll also give these tips a try as well 🙂 I would love to be a Zumba instructor!

    – Kristen

    1. That’s awesome! I would like to give Etsy a try sometimes, as I also make bath bombs and sell them where I do my lash extensions. Zumba is soo fun! I was certified for a little while, but didn’t have a set schedule to teach it so I decided to stop. Still love attending it though!

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