Packing for Ireland In March


We just got back from our 10 days in Ireland which was absolutely AMAZING. I guess I didn’t really know what to expect with Ireland. I just thought it was green pastures and lots of sheep, er well, I wasn’t completely off, but I wasn’t ready for all of the gorgeous cliffs andhills!! So beautiful.

We spent a couple of days in Dublin before heading North up through Belfast and Northern Ireland before coming down the west coast. We did SO much driving but it was very much worth it!!!
I guess I didn’t do enough research because I did NOT pack correctly for Ireland. Being from Canada, I thought that it’d be mild and rainy but not SUPER windy and freezing! I looked at the weather and it said approximately 10 degrees celsius. I didn’t factor in the wind chill factor and it felt to me closer to 0 degrees most of the time.

We had a couple of sunny days where it was warmer, but then I just took off my layers. Early on, it was quite chilly and I ended up having to buy extra clothes to stay warm. Hence why I am writing this blog post, so anyone heading to the Emerald Isle won’t make the same silly mistake I did!

I have compiled a packing list to pack “smarter not harder” for anyone heading to Ireland in March. We took backpacks so I try to pack lightly.


  • Rubber boots – definitely came in handy, although they weren’t ideal for packing. It is rainy and wet, and many of the views may be sloppy to walk to (i.e Carrick-A-Rede Bridge). I packed my Hunter boots and also the sock inserts which helped keep my toesies nice and toasty.

 *TIP if packing rubber boots in your suitcase/backpack, shove socks and underwear to save space!


  • Cute (but practical) booties – I packed these Sperrys (insert heart eye emoji) they were super comfortable too!!


  • Running shoes – I have an awesome pair of hiking/running shoes that are water proof. They are super comfortable and light. There are tonnes of hiking trails (especially in Donegal County) if you’re into that type of thing!


  • Blanket scarf – It is windy AF on some of those cliffs and that wind is biting cold!! My blanket scarf saved me. If you’re anything like me, and enjoy a warmer climate, a blanket scarf is a must. This way if you’re warm, you can take it off, or use it to cuddle up under when you’re waiting in a line somewhere (or on the plane!!).


  • Warm hat – I ended up buying a hat since I totally wasn’t prepared for the colder weather. It was totally cute, but I’d recommend just bringing one to save buying one!


  • Thin mittens – No need for big bulky mitts, but just an extra layer on my digits would have been welcomed when trying to get the perfect snapshot of the storm rolling in on the Slieve League Cliffs!


  • 1 Warm sweater – 1 warm sweater is probably all you need as you can re-wear and it typically doesn’t get too stinky or dirty!


  • Rainproof Insulated Jacket – Since Ireland is known for being rainy and having weather changes every 5 minutes, it’s KEY to have a rainproof insulated jacket. Without it, you’ll be soaked to the bone and it’ll be miserable. Save yourself and just buy a decent jacket to be warm and happy 🙂



  • 1 Pair of Coloured Jeans and 1 Pair of Regular Jeans – This is half personal preference! I loved the look of my burgundy pants on the background of the green scenery in my pictures :). Jeans are always a staple too!


  • A couple of T-Shirts – Dry wicking ones are nice, incase you’re damp or sweating after a hike. They will help regulate your body temp so you aren’t too hot or too cold.


  • Yoga Pants – I take yoga pants on every single trip. They are great for long days on a plane, hiking, or throw them with a cute top for going out!!



  • Mini Umbrella –  Although it was very windy in most parts, a small packable umbrella would definitely come in handy for a place known for its wet climate.


  • Extra socks – Although you will be packing your rubber boots and waterproof hiking boots (right?) you may want to bring some extra socks since there’s a good chance they will get damp and smelly. Yuck. Keep the piglets warm in a fresh pair of socks!


Hopefully this guide is a good place to start for packing for your trip to Ireland in March. Hopefully you get lucky and get some nicer weather than we did! But as I always say, plan for the worst, and you’re expectations will always be beat.

If you have any suggestions on anything you’d suggest to pack for Ireland in March, comment it below!

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