How to Make an Extra $1000 a Month Doing Eyelash Extensions

make money doing eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions are all the rage. Watching the Bachelor and all I could see was beautiful long lashes. They’re just another way for us women to feel beautiful. They’re even extra great if you’re vacationing since they are waterproof and won’t run like makeup!!

Keep in mind, doing eyelash extensions are not for everyone. You must have good eyesight (or good glasses) and a steady hand. Also patience for a very particular and tedious routine.

I decided to sign up for an eyelash extension technician course in my area. After looking around at a few different courses, I decided on one in Barrie ON called Graceful Lashes. It was only a one day course (which could arguably be better or worse than a two day course) and cost me around $700. This included the course, and a kit with enough materials for 100 clients. I also ended up buying some extra lengths of lashes at my course, so I estimated my initial cost was around $1000.

I convinced a couple girlfriends of mine to take the plunge and be my first customers. At the course, we learned about the extensions, the business, pricing, and then the practical portion of applying lash extensions to a dummy and then real humans.

I had a small room in my house that was being used for storage. I cleaned it out and found a used spa bed for $150. Basically all you need!

Once I felt comfortable, I decided to let the world know I was open for business. I got some business cards and made a Facebook page. It didn’t take long for interest in this service and I already had a few clients lined up in the first week of launching my Facebook page.

With Eyelash Extensions, you can charge a decent amount, depending on where you live. Anywhere between $80-$150 for a full set, and about half that for a three-week fill. It doesn’t take long for that to add up! Do some research on your area and what people are charging. You don’t want to undercharge, but I’d recommend staying somewhere in the middle ground.

If you’re doing just 2 full sets, and 2 three week fills a week, at say $100 and $50. That’s $300 a week, and $1200 a month!

You can also easily add in some product sales and increase that revenue no problem.

It’s helped me get some extra cash, and the best part is I can make my own hours by scheduling my own appointments. You can work it around another job, or two.

This is a cool, unique way I’ve found to make some extra cash. Let me know what you think in the comments down below!

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