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Although I am typically a “budget traveler”, I had some friends ask me if I wanted to join for The Yacht Week in Greece this summer and I decided it seemed like a once in a lifetime type of trip, so why not. I must say, it was worth every single penny.


Overview of The Yacht Week


Booking a yacht and skipper and hostess if you want. — There are different yacht options. In an attempt to save some money, we picked the smallest sized yacht which I am unsure I would do again. I would recommend splurging a bit more and getting a bigger boat. We didn’t have much extra room to move around or keep stuff which meant lots of bumping into each other in close quarters. Since we booked early, we got a free skipper which worked out great since we needed one anyways. I think the cutoff date was in January. We didn’t opt for a hostess, I didn’t feel it was necessary. If you have extra money and want someone to do your grocery shopping, make you food all day long (including snacks), clean up after you, a hostess is a good option. We were joking that the only boats needing hostesses were the ones that had all guys on the boat. We didn’t miss not having a hostess since we took turns cooking and cleaning. If looking for ideas on what to pack, check out my Yacht Week Packing List.


Representing Canada in Greece!

Upon Arrival:

We decided to arrive the day yacht week began, which turned out to not be such a good idea. If I could do it again, I would show up a couple days before. The airline lost the luggage of 3 of our girls and it was a pain in the butt to arrange where they were going to deliver it (since we were on the move every day and sleeping on the boats). It was pretty simple to get from the airport to the marina to check in with The Yacht Week, we took a bus and the driver was quite helpful for us.

We checked in and had some time to hang out, eat and have some drinks before they explained our next steps and met our skipper. Before you get on your boat, there is typically another crew coming off of it from the week before. You actually can’t get on your boat until later in the afternoon. In this time, you are to go get groceries/supplies/booze for the week. They have a delivery service so you don’t have to carry it all back to your boat which is really helpful. Try to be mindful when shopping since you will end up eating many dinners off of the boat, and many days won’t eat both breakfast and lunch (due to hot weather and hangovers). Make sure to get LOTS of water. You’ll need it to recover between your parties! Lunch meat and bread is good for lunches, pasta is easy to cook as well and for breakfast, fresh fruit and yogurt is simple.


The Love Bay Greece


You spend the first night at the marina and getting settled on your boat. There is a welcome party the first night where you get to start your mingling. You will get an itinerary which may be different than what I did but included there will be:

  • Day parties
  • Night parties
  • Dinner options
  • Tips on activities and restaurants
  • Sailing itinerary for daily sailing

There is always of course the infamous White Party, one of the days so make sure to buy a nice white outfit to wear to the party! Along with that, find a cool floaty to bring since there should be a big float party one day. Unfortunately the weather was not good the day we were supposed to have our circle raft for our floaty party but nonetheless still got to use them! Keep your eye on your floats though because they could easily blow away or be taken by a drunk member of the crew!

The Yacht Week Greece First Day


I would 100% recommend this week to anyone looking for a week full of partying, meeting new people, eating AMAZING food, a new adventure on a boat, and lots of swimming!

One of the best parts for me was traveling with the same group of boats all week long and really getting to know the other crews from around the world. The group in Greece isn’t as big as Croatia which means it’s more personal and you really make friends with everyone.

Check out the video of my trip!

Any questions, comment below and I’ll get back to you 🙂

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  1. Hi! I and a group of friends are doing Greece this year! I was wondering where did last party take place,do you remember name of the club/bar? Thanks!

    1. Hey Laura! I actually don’t remember the name of the club/bar, it’s all organized by the yacht week. We didn’t even really pay attention! Lol.. sorry about that!

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